About Us

We have created the first truly "Farm to Table" dining experience in Central Florida.  Kissimmee's Green Place for Natural and Organic Vegetables has expanded to feature Kissimmee Green Place Organic Cafe.  We utilize all greens and vegetables grown on our farm along with all the Certified Organic and/or 100 % grass fed  products that we sell in our store to create "Fast Food That's Good For You".  All Organic and Local products are used to create a menu of mouth watering, satisfying meals that you can sink your teeth into.  After eating our food you will know what is like to feel truly "satisfied" and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

We grow our greens in soil made from "Black Gold" top soil, cow manure, worm castings, mushroom compost and certified organic and fermented liquid nutrients.    Our farm is not certified organic but our plants are grown the old fashioned way to create the most nutritious produce that money can buy.  We grow vertically, but we are not hydroponic.  Hydroponic is all about a sterile controlled environment and we are a far cry from that.  We have created a healthy soil that our plants thrive in.  Healthy soil, healthy plant, healthy you.  Our soil creates a symbiotic relationship for good bacteria and fungus.  If you saw the movie "Avatar", the roots for the "Tree of Life" is the easiest way to visualize what is going on in the soil.  The good bacteria and fungus help break down soil on a microscopic level and so the plant can easily absorb more beneficial nutrients.  This creates the natural sweetness in our food.  This is called the "BRIX" content.  High BRIX foods are much more dense, have more taste and nutrition and thus satisfy you.

We are all about growing and eating the healthiest foods that Nature has to offer.  We do not serve French Fries, Bread, Crackers, Rice, Pasta and White Potatoes.  We do not deep fry anything because we do not have a deep fryer.  Our food is greens based.  Come and taste the difference.  Support your local farm.

Please read about our "Services Offered" for more information on our  Pick Up, Take-Out, Delivery and Catering.