Services Provided

  • Catering

    We will cater at your location or at our farm. Limited catering area, minimum hourly charge of $ 400.000.  While we have a standard menu when we take the food truck to different locations, when we cater your party, we provide you with dishes that you want.  Each catering affair is unique with the focus on what you would like to serve at your party.  You can have simple items such as 100 % grass fed hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids and the adults can indulge on Osso Bucco.  You set the menu for your party. 

  • Delivery

    We will deliver to your business, home or work place on Wednesday. Deliveries are set up on scheduled times throughout the morning, afternoons and evenings. Limited delivery area. $ 5.00 delivery fee, no minimum order.

  • Pick Up

    You can pick up your orders during regular business hours. Walk Ups welcome, but you may have to wait longer for your order. Pre-Ordered items have top priority!

  • Eat In

    You are welcome to eat at the farm.  Please clean up after you have eaten your meal.   Would you like to have your mommy or daddy meeting here?  Yoga class?  Small groups welcome.

  • Rent a Cook

    Want a small catered event that is prepared in your home? We cook anything! Each event is catered to the party that you would like.  Limited catering area.